In this video we pit the Redmi Note 3 against its successor, the Redmi Note 4, to see which performs better under day to day usage scenarios… opening apps, games, managing memory, and so on…

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  2. I own both devices, and the RN3 is faster, but only ever so slightly. You have to do a speedtest like in this video to notice the difference. In real-world usage, there's no difference. I ended up giving my RN3 to my sibling, and keeping the RN4

    The RN4 is just a better device in every other aspect. It gets nearly twice the battery life as the RN3 (12-14 hours SOT vs 6-7 hrs), it stays cooler in heavy use (35 degrees vs 40-45 degrees), the screen has better colours, camera is better in low-light, and takes more accurate colour pictures, the build is a lot better, and it got updated to Nougat with MIUI9.

    If you already own the RN3 though, not much point going to RN4, unless battery life is a must. It's definitely an upgrade though.

  3. Sundar said "both phones have all the apps in memory", but Twitter reloaded on the RN 3. 3:40

  4. Redmi Note 4 removed band 2 LTE for some reason on the global reason. Only reason I'm getting the Redmi Note 3 over it.

  5. Hello there, now I'm confused of which one I should buy now. Can anyone give me suggestions, please ?

  6. how is redmi note 4 going to compete with high performance phones with this processor. definitely redmi note 3 has beast processor. redmi note 4 should have defeated le eco le 2 but its not going to happen. i dont prefer redmi note4 with redmi note3 in performance round

  7. I've note 3 with me and I feel xiomi should have gone with the performance rather than extending battery life and also should have introduced the fast charging cause note 3 lags only in this area..

  8. I think they had to go with the 625 to keep the prices near to the note 3

  9. wouldn't the Note3 get an advantage as it is not connected to any mobile network!? as the difference across 10 apps is only around 5 secs.

  10. nice video but i have a doubt can u do a comparision of redmi 4prime vs redmi note 4 or atleast say about it in next ash answers?

  11. i want a phone under 13000 for photography & video making….
    i am not a heavy gamer but a normal gamer…..
    and i am 24X7 internet user
    please tell me sir
    please helpme…

  12. Redmi note 4 8 sec delay for good battery performance not bad at all. Battery life always count.

  13. Although performance matters… but i believe SD 625 is much more better…!!! As Ash says… battery life is what we need nowadays…!!! I feel Note 4 is a smart choice and SD 625 is a good move by xiaomi..!! i found note 4 stays cool than any other xiaomi i phone i've used.. and yes..!! amazing battery life..!!!!

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  15. Agreed…Xiaomi should put in the sd 653 or even 652 to consider this a worthful upgrade.Anyways,pretty happy with my redmi note 3 here πŸ™‚

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