Redmi Note 4 vs Samsung J7 Prime SpeedTest Comparison

Redmi note 4 vs samsung j7 prime Speed test, we open some apps same time in these devices for speedtest.

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  1. Redmi is little bit more faster opening app but I don't know why u have considered both phones same

  2. 😂😂 oh cmon have some cmon sense test on something that doesnt need network 😂😂..fck this comparision itsmore like network comparison .

  3. Maine comparison same mobile ka kiya ghar me dono 3 ya 4 din ke aage piche liye gaye the dono me network full airtel unlimited but j7 prime is better

  4. you moron? loading depends on the Internet and not on the conductivity

  5. you can not compare if one is in wifi and another in 4g.
    in Xiaomi charge before but you place the same time?

  6. But the phone aren't connected to the same connection idiot, obviously if you have the Redmi note 4 connected to a bad WiFi like yours, it will take more time to charge the online apps, idiot

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