Redmi Note 5 Pro Camera Review

Here is my camera review of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro. Dual cameras on this Redmi Note 5 Pro look like the ones on the iPhone X, but once you get past this, they perform really well.
I was surprised with the image and video quality that this camera produces.
Redmi Note 5 Pro is well on its way to be one of the best overall smartphone in under Rs.15,000.
Watch the video for lot of image and video samples.

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  1. Tecworkz… It seems it doesn't hv toggle to adjust the blur effect while capturing images in potrait mode. Plz clarify. I already raised question to Xioami India.

  2. Can this phone record slow motion and Time Lapse?

  3. The pictures in low light on the phone aren't that good.. plus the pixels are highly disturbed while taking pictures 😅

  4. One thing i want to ask….in portrait mode…why does the front camera switch button disappears…i myself hav this device facing the same issue…i noticed the same in ur vedio too…can someone explain

  5. The audio orientation is wrong when I record the video in left horizontal mode,the left sided audio is recorded in right and vise versa. But the audio orientation is ok when you record in right horizontal mode.
    Is there anyone who is facing the same problem?

  6. The audio quality from the video recording is coming out really bad. We have a hissing voice in the background, did you experience this when video recording?

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