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It wasn’t too long ago that Google blindsided most of us by pulling off what seemed like a miracle at the time. A smartphone that was even better than the first gen in terms of camera but also one that managed to take better portraits than dual camera smartphones not just with the rear camera but the front camera as well. Although…


  1. And again…. Starting my day with a brand new amazing video from RevAtlas! Thank you guys! You guys make our days! <3

  2. I have ordered redmi note 5 pro and I am happy to watch this …rn5 pro gives competition to all flagship what could be better than this..

  3. vai sampony p9 vs redmi notr 5 pro vidoes send koro plzzz দেখতে চাই

  4. Lol you can never compare them bro
    Pixel's camera is definitely better and arguably one of the best camera's out there

  5. of course Pixel 2 win. the redmi note 5 doesnt even have camera2api enabled to start with.

  6. You must try google camera app on rn 5 pro and then compare.the results are shocking!

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