Redmi Note 6 Pro Double Giveaway!


  1. I like it's design but it is some same like redmi note5 pro
    I it's pretty cool

  2. I've subscribed your YouTube channel and Liked shared this video to WhatsApp, CubeTv, Twitter, Facebook.
    I hope I win and I hope that this channel Will be more successful 🙂 amen

  3. i want that phone very much 🙁

    cos my phone got seriously screen bleeding for 1 year 😢

  4. It would mean the world to me if I could win this because I hve no device to take pictures ..I love photography and I really wanna try it out ….most of my friends in college own expensive iphones and Dslr and it's hell of a competition to trying to fit in especially whn I have an intrest in photography. So iy would mean the world to me !!😍😍😍
    Btw u look like my best friend from school 😎😎
    Email : amreenwinxx
    Instagram  : @amreenwinxx

    Btw till now I felt that this was the most genuine talk given by any youtube yaar…sahi hai!

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