Redmi Note 6 Pro vs Redmi Note 5 Pro vs Realme 2 Pro Blind Test Camera Comparison

After the long reign of the Redmi Note 5 Pro in India, we finally have successor in the Redmi Note 6 Pro. Now, a full review is on its way, but before that we decided to put forward a blind test between what are arguably the best cameras in the budget section

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  1. This is the best camera comparison where you can judge without knowing the brands. I really liked the way you zoom in the pic so that we can have a better idea way to go cheers!!

  2. A-seems good but bit on softer side
    B-looks great at first sight but has ovesharpening, oversturated, and highlight blown in sun, but it also has better detail
    C-more on the softer side lowest dynamic range

  3. Maa ksm realme 2 pro use krra hu… Ghaan camera ek number ka update k baadh b harr photo over exposure aati h abhi b portrait mode me edges smudge rehti h front camera toh ladki bana deta h ladko ko bhi. Jisko b exchange krna h note 6 pro se plz email kro mujhe. (My realme 2 pro 19 days used along with complete set, slightly difference will be paid)

  4. So many people choosing B over A. Surely loving bright photos of Relame 2 pro over best detailed Redmi Note 6 pro!

  5. Bhai ji (B) par tala lagaya jaye.. sabse best, the other 2 have blueish tint in sky

  6. Rnt 5 pro camera looking weak from the rest. , 6 pro is more to natural colors. Some snaps of B are good and better looking than A

  7. Realme 2 pro is best back camera performance, also front camera much better after recent update. Redmi note 5 pro fans come on n don't boast for ur age old device just watch background being washed out in video recording. Realme 2pro best camera for less than 15k. Realme improves after updates, MI degrades after update. Using MI since 4 years. My unbiased opinion.

  8. i got it right….
    i m poco user so i m not going to be biased sure
    now oppo and vivo does over sharpening which was evident in B…. 1 contender out….now a and c i know 6 pro has wider apearture….. so i knew a was 6 pro

  9. B is the best overall. The new software update in 2pro has improved its front camera substantially

  10. C sbse bkwas…B acha hai..but in some case A is good…i think A will be note 6 pro ..& B will be real me 2 pro…aur c jojwa note 5 pro

  11. For me RealMe i mean phone B is better..especially selfies camera is so good. And phone A is also very good..especially its rear camera. But phone C is disappointing. Failed in each category.
    Loved the video. I wish there were more of Shree! I love him!

  12. redmi note 6 pro is clear winner….capture best dynamic range….best exposure controle and amazing portrait shots

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