Redmi Note 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy A50: Speed Test!!!

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy A50 Official Ultimate Speed Test. The Note 7 Pro has 4GB RAM 64GB ROM, runs Snapdragon 675 Processor, Samsung Galaxy A50 has 4GB RAM and 64 Memory and Exynos 9610 CPU.




  1. RN7pro is a better deal. Snapdragon 675 is an excellent processor and faster than exynos 9610. However Samsung A50 has a better display. Overall RN7pro seems to be the clear winner.

  2. For the Price the Samsung offered very decent specs… But Redmi just offered waaaay more on the note 7 pro for the price they are asking.

  3. Don't take personal but mostly you are praising note 7 pro…. But I must say samsung also does a great comparatively good performer. Specifically in camera display image processing videos and graphics management samsung has no comparison than any other phone… It is also equally good.

  4. Still I prefer Samsung gal….. A50 because it remains 10 to more years and also note 7pro last fast

  5. Redmi note 7 pro opens games slower becouse of Xiaomi's "game optimizer"… Takes a secord before starting a game…

  6. to test the whole performance of the soc including the processor and gpu you shold play the game and showing how much fps each phone get, you can use "gamebench" for that. what you have been tested right now is just the speed of the phone memory, not the actual whole soc performance.

    and synthetic benchmark score can be boosted by the vendor, so never trust the benchmark score, because it's not valid.

  7. Bhai 14000 ke phone ko 20000 ke phone se compare mat Karo.
    Karna hi hai compare to m30 ya a30 se karo.

  8. So someone was there saying Samsung is unbeatable in ram management,,,we'll watch this

  9. Chinese product buy karna band karo aur desh ke sache nagrick bano I LOVE MY INDIA

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