This video is everything you need to know about Xiaomi’s latest selfie focused budget smartphone the Xiaomi Redmi S2. I’ll also be sharing my thoughts on the direction Xiaomi’s heading in and my feelings about it.
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This phone sports a 5.99 inch HD+ display.

The Xiaomi Redmi S2 runs on the Snapdragon 625 chipset coupled with 3/32 or 4.64GB variants.. It also has a 3080 mAh battery

It has a 16 mp selfie camera with AI features and…


  1. Is Xiaomi's Redmi line getting monotonous with more and more SD625 & similar looking design?

  2. xiaomi will have the same fate as lenovo if they didn't wanna change that oldfart soc sd625

  3. I thought this was going to be a review on the S2 specifically. But it was just a rant on the Xiaomi line…

  4. your english was awasom but poor communication… your sentence pronounce was poor … i mean your interaction to viewers not perfect … i think your slang was not correct .. check once #Marques Brownlee videos he has awasome skills and the way he speak everyone completely show their interaction and even lkg kid also easily understand that….. iam a fan of your videos

  5. Xiaomi's product line naming isn't as bad as Asus. And although it may seem like there are too many phones, theres still enough differentiation for each product.

  6. It's like Gordon Ramsay says .. too many dishes on the menu … makes the production of food and service slower.

    Xiaomi should make less number of different models and focus on production and availability

  7. Excuse me sir I bought this phone and there is no wireless charging or even Face unlock, if you know where to set up please help me

  8. Well how bout that bullshit overprice samsung favorite SoC's is their exynos 7 with very laggy MaliT830MP2 GPU matching FullHD, thats a real piece of shit

  9. redmi s2 design is really good. dont have notch.. this phone better for selfie. sd625 is still good processor.. perhaps redmi series used better processor.

  10. Boring??? This caters people who can't afford mid-range phones… At least with S2 you get a fully functional dual-cam. At this price range can you get a dual camera from other brands? You have lots of money to buy gadgets but for people with tight budget, this is good. Martin Wester did a better review than this, he justified the reasons for why Xiaomi released Redmi S2.

  11. Nope this budget phone of xiaomi is nothing boring, this perhaps is a camera focused phone and its a fucking budget phone learn to complain when this unit is costing more than 200 dollars

  12. I love xiaomi but there just getting too dumb.. same 625 ugly hd and the pricing is getting higher i wish they get too popular this is what happens when A brand gets too popular.. 😒

  13. xiaomi confuse the retailer… and the consumer… just like Samsung, too many series is not good… just make more redmi note 5… stop the redmi 5 plus production. hahaha, the retailer happy… no need this Redmi S2.

  14. This design on note 5 pro would have been totally amazing. I kinda hate the plastic on the top and bottom.

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