Redmi VS Realme గెలుపెవరిది?

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  1. What you are explained 101% right. Because look wise, performance wise and price wise realme is better than redmi. And availability of phone is also more important for public. People are fedup with awaiting for the redmi phones. My vote is realme.

  2. రెడ్ మి వలు నోట్ 5ప్రో తెచ్చారు బాగుంది మళ్లీ నోట్ 5 y2 y1 6a e mobiles andhu Ku తెచ్చారు రో ఇక్కడ కొంచం desapoint aeyyaru costumors & యూజర్స్
    ఐయామ్ use mi note 5 Pro mi lo best phone redme note5Pro Poco f1

  3. Anna IR blaster and interface akkatukuney tatlu khani real me khani teesukostey definitely hit avudhi real me

  4. Anna naku oka suggestion kavalli
    Real me 2 pro konalla
    Real me 3 konalla
    Witch one is the better & best phone
    Plz reply u r ᴀɴꜱ ᴀɴɴᴀ
    Plzzz anna

  5. Sir realme c1 lo conference call ela chayalo artham kavadam leadu sir plzz oka video send chayandi chudalini vundi sir

  6. Bri flipkart lo f9 pro 5160 ku okka offer petaru dhanigurinchi chepagalara plz

  7. Anna Realme 2 pro kii qualcomm sanpdragon 636 anii vastundii .. kaani mobile book chasinapudu 660 proccer. Anneee undhiii….? andhuku Anna plzzz telll me

  8. Anna one doubt real me 2 pro open camera apk install chesi front camera vadina over expose avutunda camera plz rply bro….

  9. I'm using realme 2pro mobile, mobile chala bagundi. Alane redmi kuda manchi mobiles vunnai. Present rendu brands Bagane vunnai but realme mobiles usage life ela vuntado chudali

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