Remove Scratches from iPhone and Apple Watch

How to easily Remove Scratches from iPhone and Apple Watch, this method only works on Silver Stainless Steel iPhone X and Apple Watch.

Metal Polish Paste:
Buffing Kit:
Micro Fiber Cloth:
DeWalt Drill Driver Kit:


Nike Style Band:
Sport Band 8 Pack:…


  1. Is there a way to remove scratches from the back of the phone? On the glass?

  2. Results look great! Seems easy enough to do. I guess the biggest problem/hassle is the polishing stuff gets into/onto the holes. Quite curious to see anyone got a good easy solution for that!

  3. A few months ago I was looking for ideas how to clean my stainless steel 🍎watch & iPhone X…and I did…just exactly what you showed in this video with the exception of the power tool.. lol ☺️. The end result was excellent almost keeping them nice & shiny…almost brand new. Ty 👍🏼👍🏼

  4. When I was selling my Series 2 stainless steel Apple Watch. I got some Cape Cod cleaning cloths. I'd seen them highly recommend on various watch forums. Many people on these forums were using them on very expensive watches (Rolex, Breitling) to remove scratches from the polished stainless steel.

    The Apple Watch I had, admittedly did not have any deep scratches (roughly same level of scratching as what are on your iPhone). After around a good five minutes with the Cape Cod cloths, the scratches were completely gone and the watch was like I had just opened the box for the first time. With the Cape Cod cloths, the impregnated product that is in the cloths, didn't seep into the speaker housing on my Apple Watch. I certainly plan on using the Cape Cod cloths again, when I come to sell my Series 3 stainless steel.

    I would love Apple to go with a more brushed stainless steel finish (the same finish as what was on the iPhone 4) on the next gen iPhone X.

    Here's a link to the Cape Cod cleaning cloths:

  5. I really prefer the appearance of the Space Black Stainless Steel products, but it’s darn cool to have a way to remove those scratches every now and then.

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