Review: Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE……NOPE!

Is $10 a month worth the few times a month most people will use this because they forgot their phone?

Unboxing and first test call:

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  1. Thank you so much for highlighting these issues! These are more of the common things I wonder about that so many YouTubers never talk about. Just practical use of it where Wi-Fi isn't necessarily available 24/7 or the captive portals as you mentioned. How much faster does your battery drain btw? Since it connects by Bluetooth but uses the iPhone's connection, I assume its similarly to when you use hotspot?

  2. I use mine to drop my kids off at school, I can keep my hands free to hold hands or carry their school stuff without missing calls or texts from my husband (in case we need to meet up or whatever). If I need something from the store on the way home I can use apple pay, its awesome. As a women who never has pockets in my clothes I can finally wonder around without a damned purse (and lets face it, decent pockets are rare in women's clothes so I'm not alone in this). Its also really nice to know that if I need help I can press my sos button, which is a good safety feature for anyone. This technology is not just for runners…

  3. I just want a watch to take some calls, messages, and use it like a a fit bit to try and lose weight. I don’t want to always carry my phone around. I know that you have to have your phone on or near you for that to work, but I’m ok with that. Just digging the phone out all of the time is kinda annoying. Cellular is kinda expensive like you said. I think I’m going to get one from at&t (my family’s carrier) and get on a payment play so i can get the watch. I only earn around 75-100 dollars a month so that what I have to do. An extra $10 is a pain, but I’m willing to pay it so I can use the cellular

  4. Can you send/receive text (from non iPhone users) just being connected with LTE, if you don’t have your phone with you?

  5. Thanks for doing your review after a full week of using the watch, both only LTE and Wi-Fi. Most other reviews I've watched were posted only a day or two after the Series 3 was introduced.

  6. The hiking thing is tricky, since here in Finland we have LTE coverage pretty much everywhere. Places people go hiking to. So maybe not in America, then again the LTE hasn't launched here yet, but I'd expect the experience to be better (and a lot less expensive) here. Great video!

  7. I got the watch the other day. The current promotion from T-Mobile is $50 off the watch no longer the 3 months free.

    Today I left my phone in the car purposefully and tested the capabilities of the texting with LTE…EPIC FAIL! Everything was turned on properly. This was my first time testing it but coming from a Series 1 this was definitely a blow.

    So now I’m trying to figure out how to work that out…texting

  8. Great video. I just got the series 3 AW and love it coming from a series 0. Love the water resistance. Apple not selling the series 2 anywhere.

  9. Samsung has been doing this shit for years, it's $10 a month and yes the LTE works.

  10. Get a well paid job – if you moan and do our head in while saying that an Apple watch is too expensive – Pathetic

  11. Does everyone have this bug with iMessage app ?

    I’m using Apple Watch series 1 WatchOS 4.2

    Please let me know.

    Notice that on the first video (23 seconds) it's showing normally and only the list messages appeared (because I've opened from multitasking) but on the second video (6 seconds) when I open the messages app from complications ..automatically opens the most recent unread message and reads it.

  12. Wait so one thing that I’m not clear on does this mean that you are able to use the watch like for calls & text even without LTE if you’re iPhone is in close proximity or ?

  13. Thanks I was going to commit to £25 a month (I live in London England) which is about 30 dollars but now I think I’ll just stick to the watch!

  14. What is the watch face with the small second hand dial? I have a non-LTE series 3 and it doesn't have that face. I want it!

  15. My wife might forget her phone once or twice a week. I got her the LTE watch so I can at least have a second way to contact her. As opposed to calling her work's land line, heaven forbid. Well she works at a church so , well, let's not go there. I think it'll be fun. I like your review.

  16. I have purchased the GPS version and have been considering trading it in for the LTE version, not for LTE but for the 16 GB ram available. Any disadvantages going that way?

  17. Chacon a son gout. But I think you're comparing peanut butter with cat paws.

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