Samsung C9 Pro Vs OPPO R9s Plus

Huawei Mate 9 Vs Mate 9 Pro Vs iPhone 7 Plus Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:


  1. ฟังบ่ฮู้เรื่องเลย จั๊กเว้าหยั๋ง

  2. OPPO只會吹牛,想跟現在手機設計最好的三星鬥,真好笑,C9 pro系統和R9s Plus一樣前係1600萬像素,三星攻早上,OPPO攻晚上,性能差不多,進口手機和國產差不多錢,三星要交稅,OPPO不用,誰比較良心,想想都知道了

  3. I hope oppo comes to America but they need to make an app drawer on the interface and stock google and the phones will sell very well

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