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Samsung confirms Galaxy S8 will not be unveiled at MWC 2017

Samsung confirms that there will be a successor to the Galaxy…


  1. so is it just me or am I the only one that wants a bigger battery and duel cameras on the note 8, and not have it be 4k since it will be very battery consuming.

  2. Pixel XL is an 🍎 copycat. Samsung is now using a 10nm process and the processors coming out are going to be way faster and more power efficient. Apple will no doubt up it's game because of Samsung. Huawei is pushing Samsung. So I would wait till May or even better till the anniversary of the I Phone if you're looking at buying a 📱

  3. The Exynos 7420 or whatever in the Tab S3 is disappointing, I think waiting for the Pixel/Nexus 7 is worth it, or even the iPad mini 5

  4. Bro go to my twitter mate and see the article about the LGG6 which will not have the 835 Qualcomm chip. @hultmanshawn

  5. You are the best, Thanks and have a good night
    Vancouver, Canada

  6. Interview me. Lol I miss the live call in shows. Gotta keep in touch with us little people, now that your a big YouTube star. Lol

  7. the note 8 should be better then the s8? I know Samsung has been making them pretty much the same, but after the fire 7. We need a note like no other.

  8. I was forced by Samsung to give up my note 7 for the s 7 edge I don't like it at all to small no pen half the gigs what do you think sams sung will do for its customers?Because if they choose nothing I will be joining my 2 brothers and 3 sisters to do away with samsung products all together.what are your thoughts thanks for your time and great show.

  9. I got an invitation from Samsung for an open Q&A on the note 7 and future improvements with focus on safety. It is scheduled for Wednesday at 8pm but I don't remember the Time zone. You will be allowed to ask them any Note 7 related questions. Did anyone else get this invite? 😎😎😎😎😎

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