Samsung DeX Pad walkthrough with Galaxy S9

Samsung’s new DeX Pad is the updated version of the DeX Station, designed to turn your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ into a desktop computer replacement. Now, you get 2K video support and the ability to use the Galaxy S9’s display as a trackpad or virtual keyboard.




  1. Now why can't I save my apps to the SD card! My phone fills up fast with apps and updates that can not be saved to the SD card!

  2. At 1:02 that is a lie. He is clearly selecting FHX which is 1920×1080. WQHD and 4K is still not supported

  3. If this thing had an Apple logo, there will be a line outside the store 3 weeks before going on sale, but since it's Samsung, there's a million BUTS! Everybody is like "Not interested, it can't do this, it can't do that, OH it's just a docking station so you can use it on your tv" "Oh yeah that's boring"

  4. Can you view android apps in full screen mode for video streaming applications ? I don't have a phone with Dex capability, but I was reading that with the Dex dock from last year you could only watch videos in small windows.

  5. Android came out with this a long time ago they just bringing it back with full force. Remember Motorola the first dual core processor phone with fingerprint scanner.?

  6. This is a cool feature but…do i really want to use my phone to do this and not be able to use my phone?

  7. Way too many corporate buzz words being thrown around. I'm surprised he didn't say paradigm, legacy, ramp-up, pillars, turn-backs, et al.

  8. I think you have to take off your phone case every time you use the DEX PAD

  9. Make a Laptop shell, so i can put my slide my note 8 in and use it as a laptop. Will be really convenient for my microsoft applications when travelling!

  10. hi, i bought a dex station and tried to connect it but nothing appeared on my screen, the mouse is working after i connect it
    why its not working???
    my phone is samsung s9

  11. Make a laptop shell that the phone can slide into and be used as the laptops brain, and to extend battery life, then ill buy it, it will cut the need for chromebooks

  12. Looks like they failed on the 4k again. The resolution option for 2/4k is greyed out on the dexpad.

  13. What is the different between first version and second version . I have got a s9 plus . Can I buy the first version or not ??

  14. Fuck sake! Even this spastic is spewing the bullshit that 1440p is 2k? 2K IS NOT 1440P!!! 2K IS A RESOLUTION THAT SPANS AROUND 2,000 PIXELS ACROSS!!! HOW ARE YOU NOT GETTING THIS????? Fuck me! I am so triggered by simple shit being gotten getten wrong!

  15. El diseño de ese dex pad es feo y ordinario, hubiesen echo un dex pad mas atractivo y seguro para el movil

  16. Sorry but I have the Moto Z2 Force which seems to be a much better phone for your money than this seems years late but it will sell but I see it as a waist of funds

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  18. I need to Dex pad + data cable with type-c connector in one side (dex) and magnetic data transfer in other side(phone). I'd like to use the Dex pad without take off the case of my note 8.

  19. I have a samsung DEX and I constently ask myself why, I guess i try to use it with my TV but the lack app support and usability even with native app's makess it a frustrating experience and with no real updates for it on the horizon. Is this guy the soul developer for this shit?!

  20. If i'm in a"Surround sound environment." the first thing I think of is listening to my cell phone speakers! ^_^

  21. But can it run Netflix HD in widescreen this time..? Previous dex has crappy app support..

  22. A M A Z I N G. Great idea for corporate users to customize theme and apps when docked.

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