Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime | Tips and Tricks

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Tips and Tricks
*Learn some of the cool things you can do with the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. The Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime does a lot more than you would think it can do. And once you finish this video, check out the hidden features video to learn a few more things tucked away in the settings!

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  1. I think its not grand prime. Coz i also have. But i havent the edit opt on notification panel

  2. 2017 FEB: Picked one up for $71 total cost, with 1,350 minutes/mb data/ texts and triple minutes and one year of service. Tracfone. At some point I'll add $7 per month "automatic maintenance", which will add 180 minutes/mb data/text every three months for $20. Meanwhile, my brother in law dropped $600 on a phone known for cracked camera lens cover. Obvious design flaw with rectangular plastic cover. Easily replaced but who needs the hassle. Two years of service will cost $150 for a CDMA phone using Verizon network.

  3. His phone is on Kit Kat I think. I have this phonr on Lolipop And it looks bit different. All those festures are on mine, but some are located differently.

    I dont think his phone is rooted either. Just a older version of Android. (kitkat).

  4. please write me how to stop zoom out function of display of samsung grand prime

  5. my samsung galaxy grand prime is really different to your video? what im going to dk to back it to original?

  6. this is good phone hsn has it 129 plus 1350 triple mins from trackfone i gut one i love it works good for me

  7. lol u want to find something fun go to aboit phone go to android version and spam it then wants the thing reaches yellow hold it for a suprize

  8. The cricket version sucks I don't have any of these features on my grand prime. Metropcs has the best version of this phone.

  9. I've noticed that the galaxy grand prime I have is very different from the one here. I bought mine from Bangladesh. Can somebody explain the difference?

  10. SOO HELPFUL I πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› THIS

  11. Like the pin window feature. Wish I had see that earlier.I keep accidentally hitting the buttons when trying to take a photo lol

  12. Thank you so much making this video I am considering getting this phone

  13. Don't forget about the screen mirroring!! Where you can watch ANYTHING on your flat screen from your phone!!

  14. the tracfone grand prime doesn't have the power button lock feature

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