Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Charging Test : Time in Fully Charged.

How Much Time Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime will take to Fully Charged.

This video is Answer of Above Question.
Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime has 3300mah Battery and 1.55A adaptor

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  1. switch off🚫 your mobile are put Flight mode.✈️ Then only your mobile get charge faster.⚡ And one more tips📌. Don't charge 100%📵 . Charge atleast 95%.📲 It's good ✅ for mobile health ♥

  2. Why did not you open switch off it would have taken more time if you would have switched on

  3. …my j7 prime 4 to 5 hours fully charge…why is too slow to fully charge? can someone answer me plzzz

  4. It charges slow because of the USB wire. I have J7 Prime and it charges really quick. I have a official Samsung charger with original Samsung USB wire.

  5. for some reason when my percent gets to 93 it slow down and maybe it wont charge at all… why is that.?

  6. my phone is producing some irritating sounds after. plugging the charger and even after pluggn it out,the sounds won't stop not unless I restart the device…iam now feeling that my phone need to be fixed or what could be the problem

  7. after 90% i m having problem like slow charge n decrease charge while charging..any solution??

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