Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro vs J7 Prime – Which is Fastest?

Metal mid rangers Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro vs J7 Prime – Speed Test!
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  1. j7 pro will obviously be slow. Because they have the same processor and ram but it runs on android 7. Prime was running on 6

  2. Page loading comparison was unfair. One phone already had a faster network, so a fair comparison would be to connect both to 2.4 GHz WiFi. Also WiFi Speedtest wasn't fair. You should have compared the speed of the two phones on 2.4 GHz instead of having one on 2.4 GHz and other on 5 GHz. Not a good comparison. However, rest of video was good.

  3. when I first pick up the phone = slowly put it in a soft place
    After a few months = throwing a bed
    After 1 year = from glass

  4. I hate with j7 prime is only the tft screen because other cheaper samsung smartphones are equipped with super amoled

  5. I heard super amoled is better than Tft
    But I see that in this video j7 prime screen quality is better than j7pro screen quality

  6. From above , j7pro is the best for heavy gaming like pubg mobile , rr3 , & rules of survival , j7 prime , still can play but so laggy , in other word not suitable for gaming

  7. My dad tell me i have a internet shopping spree (100,000)pesos
    And i can't decide what to buy i bought the j7 pro and the j7 prime
    And a iphone 7 plus

  8. Yes, the only reason why the J7 Prime is obviously only because it comes with a cool backround.

  9. And still j7 prime even better after android 7 update …nooo lags and ever lasting battery 😎😎

  10. Can u make a comparison video again? Because J7 Prime has been updated to android 7 and got the same ui now as j7 pro

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