Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 are two mid range phones and here is the detailed comparison of the two devices for design, build, display, software, performance and camera along with battery life.

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  1. i love samsung but today it is very disappointed to me samsung J7 pro or other samsung phone is not good as compaire t with Redemi Mi4 very high price not & use old version

  2. My priority is Screen Display and Battery Life,many reviewers fail to provide detailed review on the Screen Display and comparison with other similar handsets.Thanks to your review i got well informed in that aspect.I dont like to cut corners when it comes to priority needs or Quality,i rather pay a little premium for it.My choice would be J7 Pro.

  3. sir good review! but i havea suggestion that while comparing please add speed test also in these reviews.

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