Samsung Galaxy J8 Camera Review | POWER OF DUAL CAMERA | Data Dock

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  1. Photo zoom kar nay par faat jate hai camera failed.
    Fature acha hai but camera fail hai.

  2. Î hávé Bòúğhť Thìś SamSung J8 on 11th Sept 2018…My Fířśt Hâńďšêť

  3. क्या इसमे ऑटो वॉलपेपर change ho jayega
    Please बताएं j7 me change ho jata hai

  4. Please tell if you will tell I will subscribe your channel and like all the videos

  5. But how to change the camera into 16 megapixel into 5 megapixel and into 5 megapixel into 16 megapixel

  6. Hello there! When i click the background blur the 2 buttons does not appear onky the sliding blur level appears help pls.

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