SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 – More Incredible News!

More incredible Samsung Galaxy Note 10 leaks show us just what a beast of a phone we are in for this year!
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The samsung galaxy note 10 is the upcoming flagship from samsung & has always been the most premium model in the range. This year we are expecting a galaxy note 10 along with a galaxy note 10 pro & they are set to be incredible. With 4 choices in total the Samsung galaxy note 10 really is going to be the phone of the year. Today we take a look…


  1. Here in australia the note 9 was $1600 so id expect this one to be like 2k. Lol ?

    I think ill pass and just get the asus zenfone 6. If rumours are all true then that is gonna be the stand out phone of the year

  2. Wait 3months after release you can get one for half the price phones depreciate quickly now my s8 + only worth 300 after 6months

  3. This guy is guessing, saying that it could be, or it's possible that, or what we have heard, or is very likely.
    Also, there are rumors, or reportedly or it probably, or it's been rumored, or most likely.
    It would be nice if someone could shed some light on the phone.
    That POS is guessing, because he is less than clueless.
    I am saying that, as a Samsung Beta tester, in possession of a Better version of the Note 10.

  4. Idk about disliking twice it wasn't a bad video after all might just dislike once but great job ;D

  5. Samsung m20 has 5000mha battery I seen them in Vietnam couple weeks ago

  6. If it is an all screen, bezeless design like the mockup here in this video then I'll upgrade from my Note 9. That just looks gorgeous.

  7. I'm waiting to check the Note 10 to decide if I'll buy one. If it has a crappy punch hole display selfie camera, it's a NO deal! I'd rather have no selfie camera.

  8. Hate the idea of a hole or notch in the display, or anything that would affect the edge of images and video, I'd rather just have the old design with a slightly smaller display.

  9. The Note10 hasn’t even launched yet, but anyone with a sliver of technological taste can tell this is going to be the best phone of 2019, and possibly win some kind of Phone of the Decade award.

    The ONE thing I’m looking out for, however, is not the price, or a gimmicky selfie stick stylus, but an unlocked bootloader.

    It’s hardware and features are great and all, but let’s also pair it complete root access software and take it even further beyond.

  10. Since the pen is moved on the top. I think they will put the selfie camera there since they made the pen bigger and longer. That would be so awesome if thats the case. I would defenitly return my s10 plus and buy that one.

  11. I think the battery leaks are correct and as far as the front facing camera goes it would be nice to have a front facing camera coming from the S-Pen like you show on this video that would be insanely cool

  12. May God damn with all these phones coming out I might go broke. I just bought the Galaxy S10 plus and I love it so far, but this is getting out of control with the Galaxy S10 note on it's way. I have should have waited for the S10 note to come out

  13. Not buying any Samsung phone until they ditch the holes in the screen. Will stick with my Note 9 and it's uninterrupted screen thanks.

  14. You are in right. Who needs 5K from M series when you can have 4.5000mah from note 10.

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