Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Motorola Moto X: first look

PhoneArena presents a first look video between the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Motorola Moto X.

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  1. I recently got the Moto X, and I'm thinking of switching to a Note 3, for the bigger display and a better camera. The thing with the Moto X is that it has so many additional features like shaking to get to the camera, the Moto skip, and are they things like that for the note 3?

  2. specs mean nothing, note 3 is a monster with great specs, but optimization is way better, i would choice moto x over note 3 by money vs quality relationship, btw touchwiz is the worse shit ever created for a smartphone.

  3. I have note 3 and I love it but if the moto x came in 5.5" screen I would totally try it out

  4. spec wise note 3 but actual perfomance i give the win to moto x.note 3 with sd800 still lags wtf and no one is going to be able to actually see the note 3 4k video but moto x camera is trash but with the new update its good now.

  5. Do you even hear what he is saying? He said SMALLER(compared to Note 3 obviously) he didn't say it's small. And yeah Galaxy S screen was huge back in the day when most phones had like 3-3.5 inches screens.

  6. Difficult comparison, these phones aim to completely different audience, but i believe spec-wise, the Note 3 is superior, as you should expect from the newest phone.

  7. this guys a meat head he failed to mention the note 3s 4k video recording,the snap dragon 800 processor the 330 gpu and 3 gbs of ram.

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  9. Hello it's a phablet VS a phone there's a difference and u get a offer screen on the galaxy so don't complain

  10. Lol are you serious.. . A vanilla motor phone is just way better than anything out

  11. This guy jumped on the blind person bandwagon, still piping on about it being the SAME as the S4… what a moron.

  12. Im disappointed with their reviews…they aren't very informative and the guy isn't well informed either :/

  13. I like the moto x but I don't think you have the Note 3 a fair shot at all. Seems a lil bias.

  14. lawl. I just know all the facts, unlike this video. The moto X and the Note 3 are both great phones. It just wasn't a fully informed video, like half of the videos put up at launch. But the fact that he used misinformation and lack of experience to demote the product that was being launched, already dismissing important pros of the phone can give the impression it was one-sided. I would say the same thing if they did that with an iPhone, or Nokia device.

  15. Make a comparison video about Samsung note 3 vs Sony Xperia Z1

  16. I disagree, the fact he said the Note 3 has no variety when there's more than 3 custom colors, when he said its the 25th when it's out in the US on october, the fact that he talked about only the improvements in the moto x and overall said the phone is overwhelming when first trying it and not getting used to it, does make it seem more one-sided against a phone that is supposed to be the featured device in the video.

  17. John V credibility…….. Gone! He'd probably prefer a Motorola Milestone over Note 3! Lame!

  18. So Jon V prefers the Moto X and now people think he's hating on Samsung? Bunch of Samsung fanboy bitches is all they are.

  19. Wow I hope this comment is a joke but if not it still made me laugh really hard

  20. John are you seriously comparing the moto x against the note 3.. Come on man the note 3 is out of this world..

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