Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Full review! How is the phone in real life usage? Is it really a S8+ with an S PEN? Dual camera, battery, performance and My Honest advice!

Note 8 drop test –

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  1. This opinion is actually true…it's valid…but at the end of the day if still choose the note? I just like a phone with a lot of stuff that ill probably evrer use 10 percent of the time okay?

  2. If you buy used note 8 (almost new) it costs about 750$ to 780$ where as used s8+ costs about 600$ to 650$ there is only a difference of 100$ to 150$ and you get much more

  3. Note 8 is basically a meme machine. Plus, I hear the January security update has ruined the battery on this phone 🙁

  4. That phone is a beast in every aspect, just impressive…

  5. My parents will buy this for me if I get good grades by Christmas so I really hope I do ?

  6. I had a chance to hold it in my hands… and I must say it looks so much fine in person.. my goodness! the note 8's as well as the s8+'s screen looks so unreal!! like compared to other phones out there!!!, it's such a killer!… and I thought I don't deserve holding it because it's so beautiful hahaha.. man! Samsung indeed has gone a long way!

  7. Where can we get the first 2 wallpapers you have on the note 8?
    Asking for my s8+


  8. Please give us a link for that beautiful beach wallpaper you've got on the S8 plus. Thank you.

  9. Very good and honest review. I just love my S8 plus Coral blue. Looks more sexier than the Note 8 and performs equally well. And yes if you have no need for the S pen and a dual camera then go for the S8 plus. Its a tried and proven beast!

  10. What the hell is actually happening? S Note is the app that sets apart the abilities of Note series yet no one is bothered to talk about it. Thousands of tech channels, no one cares to talk about S Note updates and features on this device.

  11. Tmobile buy one get one free $930 plus tax get 2 Note 8 2 128 gig sd cards 2 fast wireless chargers. did the Jump upgrade turning in my S8+ pay 200 bucks get all that above with same monthly payment. No brainer!

  12. this because on the leaked benchmark they showed the results of the sd835 variant of the note8 which is slower compared to the exynos 8895

  13. What are the settings on your dslr which u use to record videos..I tried but I just can't get the phone so clear

  14. the coloring you showed was horrid – think that was more a you thing than a phone thing though! Pretty cats. I got a couple I will be snapping pictures of too when my note8 arrives. thxs for the review

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