Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – IT'S TRUE!!!

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 recent big leak was indeed true. Design, fingerprint scanner, dual camera in full glory based on official factory cad drawings.


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  1. If the camera is horizontal, then one has to hold the phone Vertically to make a 3D Video, won't that make the video tall and thin? THOUGH I am quickly suspecting that the use of the 2 cameras for sterroscopic video will be (paradoxically) impossible, because they have different specs, one is a Wideangle, the other Telephoto… Dammit. If no 4k screen, i'm just getting an S8!

  2. to be honest, I want the note 8 regardless if this is fake or not.
    Now if someone else comes out with a phone with a stylus, then I will consider it. And no, not the shitty lg stylus 3 plus. ??

  3. IPhone will never beat out any Samsung device for the simple fact that it's been well over 10yrs and not much has changed of the phone itself visually & very little spec wise. Apple hasn't innovatived since Jobs was in charge. Sry but these are simply facts not opinion. "w/o risk there is no reward" & Apple has risked very little if at all over the years…Apple products are simple easy to use for those non-techie fan boys & girls who jus want to be cool. Much rather have somethin innovative that has endless customizational possibilities both in form & function any day of the week. Not to mention Apple products are super restrictive. Another fact…There is NOTHING IPhone's can do that other phones include Samsung can't, but plenty in the latter. (Jus Sayin) B smart w/ your money people don't be close to $1K for a over priced paper weight..which is all iPhone ever has been.

  4. I'll stick with my note4 at least there's no camera bump and my battery is removable yeah

  5. can't wait for the Note 8 to come out! I still have the original Note 7! and honestly even if the Note 8 looks like Note 7 I will 100% be the first one in store to order.

  6. iPhone Next – will be big. If it has all the things that the leaks claim it will draw a lot of attention.

  7. Nice Video. But lets hold the yays & nays for the Official Launch. I am sure Samsung will be revealing some great features.

  8. Current CAD drawings dont mean much. They usually give approximate measurements for case manufacturers to create cases for launch. That's not to say the approximate layout isn't correct. But who knows Qualcomm recently announced their take on the in-display fingerprint sensor. So, the Note 8 may have that. And i wouldn't be surprised if they didn't chalk a deal allowing them to do so in spite of the current legal battle between Qualcomm and Apple.

    But then that's not to say that the CAD drawings while possibly final aren't actually the final specs. Things can change. The phone isn't to be announced for another three months or so. A lot can change from now until then.

  9. Honestly, I really don't give a shit what it looks like. Ever since the first note they have all been Powerhouses. The Note 8 will be no exception. I'm still getting it once it's out. ???

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