Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Realistic Concept Rendering with Specification Based on Latest Leaks

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Realistic Concept :
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is probably the most anticipated smartphone of 2017 especially after the failure of Note 7 the world world is waiting to see how Samsung is going to revert. As you know we have seen some leaks about the Upcoming Galaxy S8 and it shows the effort to increase the screen to body ratio , so here we have followed the same design algorithm to…


  1. Any chance you could link the wallpaper used in this video?

  2. do you think Samsung will release another note after the note 7 Fiasco last year?? I hope so I ended up settling with the S7 Edge and after seeing the s8 not too keen in fact I think the S7 Edge is cosmetically much nicer looking so won't be upgrading this year unless of course they will release the note 8 then id even give up my rose gold colour for it ( as i haven't seen on any of the new samsung phones this year)

  3. Only thing to improve is 16/16 cameras. Maybe the 23MP shooter from Sony or the 41MP shooter from Nokia but without being so large. Let me know what you think is best.

  4. I think the overall design is pretty much dead on to what the Note 8 will look like…although the 5.7" display prediction is way short! It will be more like 6.5" with 4k res.

  5. Hi,
    I Just have a question about the price of this cellphone. how much is it ?
    same question about the Samsung Galaxy S9.

  6. 5.7 inch screen? I'll pass. I like big phone. my s6 edge plus is a 5.7 I want the note 8 to be a 6.4 or bigger. The s8 plus is a 6.2 but to tall.

  7. Very good Video 🙂 Do you think that the Note 8 would also get such an touch area as the IPhone 8 on the side underneath. I hope you understand what I mean 😉 Do you think it will be foldable?

  8. Honestly, Apple and Samsung are good for different reasons when it comes to phones, but I feel with the Samsung phones (particularly the Note Series) you have way more customization choices and higher camera quality, among other things.

    I think the majority or people just buy Apple phones and products to look cool. But they're missing out on the different options when it comes to other amazing companies like Samsung, Microsoft, etc.

  9. I am still using my note 3 till this day, its time to upgrade the other notes haven't really satisfied me as much, I cant wait for this note 8 😆

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