Samsung Galaxy Note 8 REBORN!!!

Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Is it coming or not? Is note lineup dead after the demise of Note 7? Today i will talk about samsung’s upcoming plans for 2017 flagships!


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  1. I love the note series but if the note 8 doesn't come with a finger print it's probably gonna flop. The s8 didnt need a come back, because the s8 is selling like crazy but the note series needed a comeback

  2. dual cameras for 3d photography are shown in this video but no mention of them was made.

  3. FUCK Samsung cocksuckers they mess up the note 7 what a fucking morons whey got everything perfect except the damn battery and now they decided to cancel note 7 before it get start it FUCK YOU Samsung

  4. because of their need to not to notalll battery removal we all have lost an the most amazing line of phone

  5. why cant they just update the note 3? wait! no. not update. according to my note 7 updates, where the first one limited the battery to 60% and that annoying popup telling me the sky is falling every time my screen paused . ..then the last update that disabled the charging function of the phone, making it useless. ..and to use up so much of my last battery charge to do so.. yea. dont update anymore of my stuff please. but if they could make the note 3 more responsive and up TO date with today's networks and peer devices, that would be the best phone on the market. any note type of phone (phone with stylus) has no business having those wrap around, curved edges. I absolutely HATED the "edge" feature on my short lived note 7. it made for some very scribbled borders of all my drawings and edits. I much prefer the little bumper that wraps around the perimeter of my drawing surface, aiding seriously in my ability to keep it in the lines.

  6. yea im so waiting for the note 8 -_- that thing exploded once who says it wont again im waiting for the s8 plus anyone with me

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