Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review: A $1000 Android!

Galaxy Note 8 checks a lot of boxes. But is it worth the extra cash?
Note 8 (Unlocked):
Galaxy Note 8 skins:

Galaxy S8 Review:
Galaxy S8 (Unlocked):

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Dig This by Hocus Pocus…


  1. What's that multi-coloured beer can iTunes visualiser thingy in the background on the shelf? And where can I get one? :0 3:44

  2. It’s $600-700 on Amazon rn with Note 9 being out
    Still a great, new phone
    But at a reasonable price

  3. For all you people who want a note 9, but don't like the price, this is your best buy! On Amazon, it is around $480 and has nearly the same specs as the Note 9 but way more affordable now! (I swear this is not sponsored by Samsung)

  4. Bought a note 8 for 550 USD last week and love it. Battery is a minor issue but not a deal breaker.

  5. Still on my note8,
    Besides the battery life, phone is just perfect. And battery life is not an issue really, as fast charging is really fast, so I was never in a situation I need my phone, and can't use it.
    Year after its out, it can be found for 400e. And that's the best budget premium phone you can get late in 2018. Period.

  6. i hate that boxy rectangular shape…wish it had the s8 curvy shape

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