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Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are two of the best phones released this year, but did Samsung manage to create another contender with the Note 8? Check out our review to find out!

-Galaxy Note8 Specs-
6.3″ Quad HD+ Super AMOLED (2960 x 1440)
521 ppi
Front Camera: 8MP, F1.7
Rear Camera: Dual 12MP cameras, dual OIS, 2X optical zoom, 10X digital zoom
Snapdragon 835
Android 7.1.1
S Pen

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  1. I'm charging my s7 Edge at the moment and it's at 30%, and it says that it will fully charge in 6 hours.. Is this normal?

  2. The Note 8 feels awesome and SUPER premium in the hand. The phone is a bit tall but its a Note and you will MORE than appreciate the size when your viewing HD movies, video and games on that GORGEOUS screen!!!!!

  3. I have the note8 with a otterbox defender case. I have small hands and im lefthanded. But I have no problems with using the fingerprint sensor.

  4. Only downside with S-pen is dropping phone and have it fly out and eventually break/snap S-pen. Samsung phones have Ugly backs the  Huawei Mate pro is best looking out now.

  5. It has better screen than V30 come on. You the only one who said V30 is best. Everyone saying Note8 is best.

  6. I wanna see stereo speakers and in-display fingerprint scanner on a Note before I buy it. Currently am on a S5 since the start of 2015 and I can live with it as I put a S8 ROM recently so I got all the nice software stuff until the perfect Note comes out.

  7. I’m left handed but strangely use my phone with my right hand lol. Do any other lefty’s use there phone with there right hand? I kind of feel like a minority on this one lol.

  8. Since the Android started having 2 gb of ram, I don’t even see the difference any more.. and with iPhone that number was at 1gb

  9. Had mine since launch day and loving every minute of it. But man, it's a bummer that Samsung didn't release all the colors to every country. I too wanted the deep sea blue so bad.
    I really don't understand the strategy behind it.

  10. Is this or an s8/s8+ worth the upgrade over an s7edge?? I've been thinking about it but idk I'm on the fence with this one

  11. Lol… he said the LG V30 screen is better than the Note 8. That is hilarious. Are you blind?

  12. I love that home screen setup,would you please share the nova launcher grid and layout?

  13. All these Tech tubers on YouTube when they review the Note 8 they always have to bring up the note7 knock it off and shut up and get to the video

  14. Using note 8 for 15 days. Bigxby voice is sooo cool but so unreliable.

    Like i always gave a command "turn off all alarms"
    And it would go in the clock app and turn all alarms off after i wake up.

    But then 3 days ago, it now says " i dont know to do that"

    Fucking bigxby has amnesia

  15. Is it great for creativity such as illustrations. I’m a new author and use most of my illustrations with MediBang-Snapseed-Canva on my iPhone 7 Plus with finger ? or should I invest in a iPad Pro. I’d like an in-depth video to view please techno buffs ?

  16. So stupid the commentary about left handed and the finger print sensor. I’m left handed and I’m a proud owner of a Note 8 and it’s not uncomfortable at all. Just record twice every finger print you want to use.

  17. Ok, seriously what's that bar at the bottom of the phone? Can you get the notification bar there? Because if so, then I really need to know how. Someone please help.
    Thank You!

  18. Wait, did John just say the Note 8's screen is secondary to the V30's? Hasn't that screen been knocked a lot?

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