Samsung Galaxy Note 8 VS S8 Plus – Design, Display, Camera, Specs, Features, Price & Everything You Need to Know!

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 VS S8 & S8 Plus – Everything You Need to Know!

    Grab some 🍿 & Enjoy!

  2. Can we use S PEN in S8 plus…..any apps that are useful to write or draw in S8 PLUS.

  3. Weak battery & speaker is my only complaint. Design & display are my favorites for s8!

  4. I upgraded from a iPhone 6+ to a note 8 so I’m not complaining it’s a win for me 😁

  5. Disappointed in the width of the screen on the note 8… note 3 screen was awesome! Great review!

  6. Thanks for your great unbiased review. I'm sick and tired of reviewers or you tubers making a big deal of a phone because they simply are fanatics of a particular model or brand praising it for such minor upgrades. They make them look as if they are something that you cannot live without them; in the end realising that the upgrade to price ratio is simply ridiculous They make you feel that your 4 month old phone is already crap and vintage where in fact is still awesome if not better in certain areas. Well done subscribed today 👍

  7. Did you just really make comparison video without actually having the phone itself lmao wow

  8. Apple out the products 600-1000 and Samsung 300-800 and now
    All people dont like it.. Apple Always Expensive And Samsung try to copy it.. why not.. if Apple can why not Samsung.. hahaha

  9. Shame for not mentioning that if you're on TMobile, the Note 8 and S8/S8+ aren't great investments since they're not compatible with the new 600mhtz lte band TMobile is launching shortly. Pretty important if you're a traveler.

  10. micro SD read speeds is 90mbps… which is actually not so bad… Samsung is working on a faster exclusive memory card that will be as fast as internal memory so thats great news… but it'll cost more of coarse … why doesn't Sammy just get rid of 64GB, bring 128GB and 256GB models with micro SD expansion… 512GB never sounded so Epic and Awsum… I can finally download 4K movies and all my photos and recorded videos… and download paid games if I want to… u know the real HD games that are above 2GB with updates… one day internal storage will be 1TB… and 4K will be the new HD…

  11. I have not yet found a reason to upgrade from my excellent Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
    Still fast, still a fantastic low-light camera, still a gorgeous screen… Really, upgrading would be to pay a lot for a few incremental and not so important enhancements.

  12. samsung Note8 the best phone in the world i want to buy samsung Note8

  13. great video man!
    keep it up!
    new subscriber here!

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