The galaxy note 9 is nearing its release and in this video we take a look at the release date, specs, price & rumours. The samsung galaxy note range is always the high end of samsungs mobile products and the note 9 will be no different. We are expecting some great specifications in the latest samsung galaxy note 9 & an incredible amoled display to go with it

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  1. My daughter loves the Note & has always had to have the newest. She switched to iPhone for awhile after the Note 7 incident, too. She went right back when the Note 8 was released.
    I stayed with iPhone for over 7
    years & I’m just switching back to Android, it’s a huge adjustment but I do like how much more customizable Android is.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the Note 9!
    Great video! 👍🏻

  2. Wish the high end phones weren't so expensive, dying to move away from apple (iphone6) but the abilities would have to be similar graphic and performance wise. $800 for a phone is silly, i want to be able to fly on it for that price, latest samsung or apple phones should be $150 max in an ideal world but it is what it is

  3. Yea let's hope they don't blow up. I had to turn my last one in and got the moto z force.

  4. The HTC 12 that's to be released in May, is said to have 8g of ram, that's nearly like a computer!
    I think this next phone is DO OR DIE for HTC which used to be the flagship of all flagships!

  5. Good timing as my contract will will be up so note 9 or s9+ whatever is available at that time

  6. I love the note series can't wait thanks for the dope video big thumbs up from me

  7. I bet it will be a sleek looking phone I need to replace my S7 but I bet it would be pricey here in Canada at least $1299.00+ CDN if you buy it outright rather than lease to own

  8. Love the note phones..i did not get my dirty little hands on a note 7 but i did get a note 8 and its an amazing phone…suck that i will have to wait for an upgrade and wont be able to get the note 9…

  9. I loved my note phones. Had the 3 4 and 5. I just switched to the s9plus cause my contract was up and my note 5 batter was toast. I do love the s9 plus. But I will be a note series fan for life

  10. I loved my Note I gave it to my mother to get her off the iPhone crutch and went to the S8+. Huge fan of Samsung Galaxy and it plays my daydream/gear VR perfect. I use my iPad a great deal but the 1 year I spent with iPhone I hated it. I won't do jailbreak so I didn't like Apple acting like my parents and telling me what I could put on my phone. Didnt care for apples lack of 3rd party support and that's my polite way of putting that lol.

  11. loved the Note series still have my NOTE 3 as a backup. Currently have have a LGV20 because it has a removable battery. Do you think Samsung will ever stop using integrated batteries?

  12. I hope even if they don't feel the technology for under screen print reader and underscreeen front camera? Never heard of that. But I hope if those things aren't ready they won't do a notch.

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