We put the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 through the Benchmark Test vs the Galaxy Note 8 & Galaxy S9

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  1. Note 8 has screen burn just like mine. Same location. Guessing this will be an issue with the note 9? Really a shame. Personally I'd rally have an IPS panel if this is going to keep happening with AMOLED

  2. I love the note series and from my 4 notes (32gb + 64gb) I decided to go to note 9 but I do not know which version to choose.
    I wanted to ask you what the difference is beyond the storage (if any) between the 6Gb-128Gb and 8Gb-512Gb (performance, battery, usability, etc.) and why choose one version over the other.
    Thanks so much

  3. Seriously, WTF is bogging down the Note 8? My SD 835 Note 8 has an average Geek Bench of 2430/8435 which is almost identical to your Note 9. How much crap is running on these devices just so it is easier for a point to be proven?

  4. And who are those bitches that say that Ipgone is faster and powerful in benchmark tests except geekbech who sold their ass to a trillion company???!!

  5. what i really want to see is the 6GB vs the 8GB Note 9. I dont think there would be much difference if any but i'd like to be sure.

  6. To be honest those numbers doesn’t give me anything just tell me how phone is performing cuz I’m planning to get one with 6 gb ram ?

  7. I was told these benchmarks don't tell how Samsung really runs. Something with the way its used. Anyone know what I'm talking about.

  8. note9 performs better due to the new heat pipe preventing cpu throttling

  9. Hi do you normally keep the Samsung experience or do you use a launcher to have a more stock/Pixel experience?

  10. By specs & benchmarks alone is not enough for me to upgrade from note 8 to 9. Other factors are guiding my decision like condition of current phone adding a line of service carrier upgrade eligibility

  11. Did you see that benchmarks against the iPhone X? Supposedly the iPhone X did better than Note 9.

  12. compare the 6gb of ram to the 8, would like to see what big of difference in performence.

  13. Since your doing benchmarks. How many times did you run them. The cooling helps when your running high intensity things on the phone. Run it 2 to 3 times I bet the note 9 scores wont drop as bad as the S9 scores

  14. The new cooling helps with sustained peak performance helping to keep the cpu cooler for longer and thus the clock speed higher .

  15. Not surprised @ all, it's a new model therefore you should expect higher bench marks. STILL NOT CONVINCED TO UPGRADE THOUGH!!!

  16. I'm trying to decide what cases I want to order what case do you have on your note 9?

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