It’s here Samsung Galaxy Note 9 8GB RAM Benchmark Test & Comparison vs iPhone X & Galaxy S9

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  1. Galaxy Note 9 6GB RAM Benchmark
    Geekbench (CPU) – 2434 Single Core / 8753 Multi Core
    3D Mark (GPU) – 4670 Open GL / 3711 Vulkan
    ANTUTU (OVERALL) – 281934

    Galaxy Note 9 8GB RAM Benchmark
    Geekbench (CPU) – 2 Single Core / 8 Multi Core
    3D Mark (GPU) – 4 Open GL / 3 Vulkan
    ANTUTU (OVERALL) – 285537

  2. To be honest I watch these videos but its not what I use to decide if I'm gonna get a phone. I get what I want and what I need. These videos are truly informative and entertaining though so thanks for that but at the end of the day I'm a wolf and not a sheep.

  3. I have an iPhone x and a note 8 and my note is soooooo much faster than my iPhone X is sad. I love apple but these numbers are lying! Or something is wrong with my iPhone

  4. wow just by look the iphonex looks like a piece of toy phone for little kids next to the note 9

  5. Benchmarks really mean nothing anymore the phones are fast enough as they are as our little fingers can go

    The reason why for the lower benchmark scores is simple iPhone uses a stripped-down version of Unix which can be pushed by any CPU or GPU PRETTY MUCH A FEATURELESS BORING SAME OLD CRACKERS OPERATING SYSTEM IF APPLE CAN TAKE SOMETHING AWAY THEY DO!! because they stripped down their operating system they don't have to put as much money into Hardware..

    On the other hand the Samsung phone, Google Linux operating system is a truthful featured, fully customizable multitasking Beast like a real desktop and laptop unlike apples.. because you have all these awesome fun features and amazing innovation it takes a lot more to push the operating system..

    In other words as a computer engineer I can tell you if you took the bionic a 11 chip and put it in the Galaxy phone IT WOULD GET BAD BENCHMARKS EVEN WORSE THEN WHAT YOU SEE… IT WOULD PROBABLY OVERHEAT AND HAVE A LOT OF TROUBLE WITH THE ANDROID BEAST..

    On the other hand if you took the CPU, GPU memory and everything else and put it in the iPhone it would get better benchmarks than the a11 chip did.. .

    On all like I said benchmarks really don't matter anymore we passed that probably a couple years ago all these phones are very fast the Apple iPhone and Apple do nothing but charge you the most money while giving you the least they can taking away things like headphone jack, fingerprint scanner, they don't give you a fast charger in the Box they make you pay $70 extra where Samsung includes it!! stripping down operating system no dedicated recent apps or back button, no customizations, no awesome Innovation or features.


    So these benchmarks make me laugh LOL..


  6. Is this phone 5G ready? if not how will it do on the 5G network once it starts rolling out on all different carriers? Any input??

  7. Please make the volume of your opening scene lower, as close to the speech volume in the main content. It is extremely annoying to have a blast in the ear when the video starts, and I have to adjust the volume twice one at the start and one after the scene.

  8. why would you test a Snapdragon cpu in this video :S???? were is the more powerful Exynos ?

  9. My 128GB/6GB RAM Note 9 scored 285127 on Antutu. (Glad I didn't get the 8GB RAM version!). Either way, the Note 9 is a beast. It shames any other phone on the market today.

  10. My iPhone X scores 244000 on the Antutu test so this isn’t a particularly accurate comparison in this video

  11. Samsung failed to send me the Note 9 512GB, they had it in backorder till October, so I cancelled my pre-order with them and bought it from Amazon and will get it tomorrow. I would have loved to get the headphones, but I was not gonna wait till October to get my new baby!

  12. Great video. I've been lucky enough to have my Note9 since August 13th. It is a fantastic phone. If anyone is considering buying it, you won't be disappointed. Btw, just my 2 cents worth. Unless you really need 1tb of storage you don't need the 8gb version. 1. You can still get over 600gb with a card on the 128gb version 2. I had Instagram, FB, Twitter, phone app, calendar, maps, and YouTube open, then I got Fortnite running. The phone maxed out at under 4gb ram usage. Only get the 8gb version if you need a tb of storage. If you need 512gb, just put an SD card in your phone. I have a 400gb SanDisk Micro SD card mine. I'll never fill it.

  13. Great video Ricky
    But please give us the
    8gb vs 6gb speed test and battery drain comparison
    So we know Wich phone to buy !
    I'm going crazy here waiting for it

  14. My Exynos powered note 9 512gb only scores 245000 on antutu.
    The only thing letting it down I reckon is the GPU because I know the Adreno is superior to the Mali g72.
    However the Exynos CPU is far superior compared to the 845 Snapdragon with a single core score of 3700 and 9200 respectively

  15. Maybe it's time Geekbench used Vulkan on Android instead of only having it on iOS Geekbench, great video though

  16. I ran a geek benchmark on my Samsung Galaxy s9 plus yesterday and got the highest score I've seen for the multi core score but the single core score was a tad bit lower than previous test

    August 14th
    Single core score 2437
    Multi core score

    August 24th

    Single core 2398
    Multi core 8759

    Verizon wireless variant

  17. I swear I just watch these videos for the intro and outro "This is R I C K Y the YouTube tech guy"

  18. Awesome video Ricky thanks for uploading this can't wait to get my N9 512gb in😀… how much memory does Samsung's UI take up?

  19. Geek bench/Antutu doesn't give true to life stats. Not sure why people still run these stupid tests anymore. You want to run a test? Test data speeds on the phone. Who is gonna have 2 phones side by side all day looking at how fast an app opens compared to another? No one. Who is gonna buy one phone and do web browsing, download, and content streaming? Everybody. Check out Pocket Now Daily Note9 vs IphoneX data speed test. Those are true test that should be ran

  20. You can't test Samsung compared to iPhone with these test. Your a power user you say. You should know that.

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