Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – CAN YOU WAIT???

The 2018 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a dream phone and according to KGI the first to have in display fingerprint scanner.

But can you wait? CAN YOU???

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  1. I've got the note 8 and it's a brilliant phone and the fingerprint scanner works flawlessly amd very quick.

  2. The edge must remove or shrink because it's inconvenient to scrol the screen, especially S-Pen.

  3. not 9 منتظرين الشاشة الكاملة بالبطارية والسعة التخزينية وتطوير القلم وكل شي مميز.

  4. Why waste money on all these ? Owner of Note 3 finally upgraded to Note 8

  5. On note 10 I would like to see
    4k screen
    Under screen finger display finger print sensor
    Duel buttom firing speakers or even better front firing
    100 to 144 hertz display
    Bigger display than note 8
    Maybe even faster charging
    Bigger battery

  6. Needs a 6.5 inch screen, at least 93-95% screen to body ratio, possibly a flat panel variant

  7. One simple knock code from Lg is five times better than iris and face unlock and in display fingerprint and is more practical

  8. For years you slap in display fingerprint reader and this and that on samsungs,real skin alloy body,carbon fiber antennas,8k always on display… the end S9 is the same as S8 and you probably jinx it.

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