Its here! Finally. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 FIRST LOOK. Whats new with Note 9 Design compared to Note 8 and S9 Plus? Let’s take a look.



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  1. After getting screwed over with 4 note 7's (yes 4) then being forced to take a s7 edge instead I can truly say I'm looking forward to this phone, will be such a upgrade from this crappy s7 edge

  2. Comparing the differences a new product and last years product is a little shortsighted. I think it would be more interesting if Samsung would support older products – instead they nearly stopping support short after the marked introduction – with the price tag that the product has it is slightly ignorant – who want to have a throw away product with a $ 1000 price tag and a useful technical life time of three years – if you are lucky. There is no doubt that the Samsung products are high quality and that these have innovative features – however if you can throw the product away after theree years then these fetures are too expensive – It would be more innovative if you don't have to change every two years – The concept is totally dependent on that the telephone companies can offer new contracts every two years. What about the stupid customers who bzy there own phone? Is this a sustainable business model? Also Nokia went out of business because they could adapt – I hope for Samsung that they are not going sharing this desteny.

  3. I may buy it, if Samsung give me good trade in value on my Note 8.

  4. They are killing me with this fingerprint scanner.  I never use it. alright already sammy

  5. Since the fingerprint sensor is under the screen, wouldn't it make more sense there is a triple camera set up and below it would be the flash and heart rate monitor?

  6. Note 8 was a beast so this will be the king of the phones as was note 8

  7. In the words of my Lord Vader, Impressive my XeeTechCare son, very Impressive and No Notch!

  8. I have an i phone 8 plus with 256 gb maybe i Go for the change cause the Note Series always fascinated me and it seems like the iphone 11 Will Not be that impressive🤔

  9. Samsung shluld simply put the note 8 camera module verticalyy.. it would be mkre diffrent from note 8 and yeah will be looking much much better than this ugly rear

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