Samsung Galaxy Note 9 First Look | Meet Samsung’s Latest Flagship

The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has finally gone official, and we got some hands-on time with the unit at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event in New York. Let’s take a quick look.

βž₯ Samsung Galaxy Note 9:

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  1. Indians are getting befooled in the name of technology. These foreign countries are taking an advantage of this Indian weakness of showing off. 70,000 for this plastic plank, WTF Samsung. At 70,000 I would definitely invest my money for an Intel i7 laptop rather than this plank which will go obsolete after two years of launch.

    Things I can buy in 70,000

    1. A powerful DSLR camera 23000rs.

    2. One plus 6 at 33000rs

    3. 500GB SSD for my existing desktop 12000rs

    And will feed the street dogs from the 2000 rs left.

    Invest your money smartly indians. Use hashtag #NoGalaxyNote9ThisTime to show your support and boycott this plastic plank.

    Don't go over the fake reviews of YouTubers they actually got paid for promotion. Don't let these companies loot you. Don't let our Indian money go to foreign countries.

  2. 70000 for this phone and you still can't control your TV, AC, DVD player. This is why xiaomi rocks. Samsung charges for its brand value more than the features it gives. I mean just check those silly Samsung phones under 20,000πŸ˜₯

  3. It’s a TRAP guys be aware. Your old mobile can do the same stuff what this can. Future proof yourself and invest in Tangible long lasting and practical assets.

  4. It would be nice if Samsung include the USB type-C to Micro HDMI cable in the Box to use the Dex feature for the Note 9

  5. So beautiful note 9😍😍😍😍 but it is dream to can afford 😱😱😱

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