Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Full Body Screen Protector full cover from BestSuit


  1. How is a clear plastic gonna prevent the screen from cracking when dropped?… lol

  2. This is terrible. Its basically a lottery. Majority of which will be failure. USE THE HINGE TECHNIQUE. Look it up on YT, its super easy and universally effective. Can literally do it on any device with a screen lol.

  3. I was at a store and I told them for the first time in YEARS to put the screen protector and he gave it to me bubbly.
    I told him to change it he refused.
    The only question followed his refusal was :
    How do you like to swallow my Note 9 will the screen protector or without?
    He changed it without taking a penny 😂
    Do never miss use my cellphones or tablets hehe

  4. And that's why these type of screen protectors are shite (bubbles).if a pro can't get it right how the fook are we supposed to.better to use a gorilla glass screen protector.

  5. My God you gonna sell fuck all of those with that ass hat promoting it hahaha lmfao epic fail

  6. please use this , because when the phone is dropped and shattered, at least the glass won't fly all around you creating a 100 meter diameter decimation zone, killing dozens and wounding countless bystanders, you put on this kind of protector to avoid going to jail.

  7. So at the 1:57 mark they just going to skip the area where the person is having issues removing the protective cover from the phone. If they going to lie to us on how they put the cover on. At least do the video over where there's no editing apparent.

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