Samsung Galaxy Note 9 OFFICIAL TRAILER!!!!

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 OFFICIAL Trailer. All New Powerful Note, One Day Battery Life, Powerful S Pen, One Terabyte Storage & More.

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  1. I repeated the video, don't know that I love the music or I like that snoop dog covered this epic note 9 😁, nice video guys

  2. Wait the Razer Phone has a 4000 mAh battery but it doesn't have the solid one day battery life

  3. Am I the only one who noticed there is no chin at the bottom of the front !!!!!!!!

  4. I'm chill with the design simply because of 3 reasons. 1. Save the radical redesign for next year for the galaxy and note series. 2. I care more about the internal. 3. The design is still rather fresh so I'd rather them refine it then radically redesign for an all screen solution. After all I don't want a slide out front camera every time. And just because vivo did it doesn't mean its a successful design. At least not yet because there have been complaints about the speed of an onscreen fingerprint scanner and the mechanical slide out camera. So for those bitching about the design three words :DONT BUY IT. Simple as that.

  5. Yeah what the heck dude Sam he's dropping it big-time still keeping it with the big old forehead and big old chin. Everyone else is going full screen and Sammy has always been on the Forefront yet the phone is behind on this one big time the pen is cool and all but the screen is always number one hope this leak isn't a hundred percent true hopefully they come out with the full screen or I'm going to jump ship, and I'm sure a lot of other people are too. I've been all about Sammy ever since the note came out because they've always had the biggest baddest screens along with the pen. Come on Sammy give us the big-screen don't give us that funny-looking forehead and Chin!

  6. omg, i'm using FE here and i want the new one :/ but i've promised my self for not changing this FE till this getting a lot of laggy 🙂

  7. The back looks bad. The lenses of camera being off-center with the fingerprint is pretty apparent to me. Don't like it.

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