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My experience and review of Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 9 smartphone for 2018 after 1 week! #SAMSUNG #GALAXYNOTE9 #SMARTPHONE

Comment “note” if you see this!

Main All Purpose Lens –
Wide Stabilized Lens -…


  1. Please stop with that fingerprint scanner…only way you can't reach it is you don't have a finger πŸ™„…smh

  2. Overhyped! Great display and design but more sluggish than the Pixel 2 XL. The camera is good but try the Pixel 2 and you'll be surprised.

  3. Nice combo between clips of the Note 9 and also clips of you talking us! Great as always Justin, you're rocking it! Keep improving!

  4. "Note"
    I love all the space the phone has, an amazing feature especially when you like to take pictures.

  5. People these days consume most media through phones,so a good display is the need and Samsung top of the line are always on point. Also they don't have that unnecessary notch which hampers games and media.

  6. Great review Justin, really enjoyed it!

    Idk why but I got 2 King Bach ad's & a furniture one. Little distracting

  7. note"
    the humble presentation in your videos are really impressive well the s pen feature is amazing and upgraded…

  8. Honestly, the battery alone is worth upgrading from my Note 8 πŸ˜‚

  9. My favorite feature is the pen being an operator for the phone. Its really cool how the s pen serves as more than just a writing tool.

  10. Justin: I like the Blue and Yellow of the Note 9…. (After 10 seconds, cover it with D Brand Skin) πŸ˜…

  11. "Note" 😘😘 that is really crazy and beautiful.. 😍😍

  12. Of course my favorite feature is the s pen and the intelligent scan and how can forget the huge battery… note…

  13. There is so much things to love about this phone but the colors are amazing and the yellow pen lets the phone stand out

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