Protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with Rhinoshield cases it’s an easy decision. The Rhinoshield SoliSuit Case Lineup and the infamous Rhinoshield CrashGuard Bumper are legit. I’ve waited a long time to bring these products to my channel and goal accomplished. Watch me put them on my Galaxy Note 9

➡ RhinoShield SolidSuit Note 9 Case:
➡ RhinoShield Note 9 CrashGuard:

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  1. Would be awesome to have a navy blue case which matches the blue note

  2. Bro remembered me among the first 100 subs.did told you ,will be talking to a big audience. When you had very little subscribers till that day you edited nicely. Bought note 8 because of you. Thanks for convincing me for a great product. Thanks

  3. Let's see a video on tips and tricks for the note 9…so many features to talk about

  4. You can disable bixby by going into bixby's settings. Also go back to stock launcher, hold the screen and turn off the bixby's homescreen

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