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  1. Miru chese prathi videos chusthanu annayya naku chala baga nachuthay thank u annayya miru e lanti videos chala cheyali ani anukuntunanu

  2. Hi Prasad Anna, Samsung note 9 – while playing HDR content in YouTube, screen is flickering, please check and advice. Thank you…

  3. Hi brother my new mobile note 9 pre book actually Samsung Gear sport how to book I know but my local address not taking what can I do please give me reply thank you

  4. Chapa baga explain chesav anna note 9 konalekapoina aa s pen features thelsukogaliga 😊❤️

  5. Hi Bro, small doubt. how do you get all the new phones?
    Do you buy those or will take from showroom for demo purposes?
    Could you please answer on this

  6. hi anna.carding ante enti.carding dhwara products mobile purchase chesthe vatini track chesthara bro

  7. I am using PIXEL 2, can I upgrade to note 9 ? Pls suggest which one is best in camera and performance

  8. Anna s pen tho unlock easy cheyochu kadha anna..malli yavaraina easy ga mana phone thiskoni s pen tho unlock cheyochu ga…..anna naku doubt clear cheyandi…naku unlock with s pen ardham kaledhu…

  9. Spen anta dooram lo vunte work avutu di camara on chayataniki Anna 🤔 dooram akkuva aina pani chestundaa like 10 metres or inka akkuva

  10. I know you made a features video on LG Q6 which I watched twice but I request you to do a feature video of LG G7 owing to its midrange pricing for a flagship phone. It helps everyone.

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