Samsung Galaxy Note 9 tips & tricks

Henry runs through some of the best tips, tricks, and hidden features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – here’s how to get the most out of Samsung’s best phone yet.
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  1. I'm on the Note8 and I'll be getting this in December. I didn't even know about the double tap feature.

  2. literally nothing note worthy of making a video about.. if people haven't spent time with their phone then they wouldn't know this basic stuff…

  3. " they've made it hard to find, hold down on the screen then turn it off"

    Oh wow that was difficult.

  4. download bxactions from the app store and you can reprogram the bixby button to to use google assistant instead

  5. i really hate the texture of the s pens, I feel like that pick up too much natural grease from your hand making it feel slightly greasy sometimes. IMO anyways i wish they changed the texture of it, something similar to what microsoft did with the surface pens and mouses to avoid this giving you more grip

  6. Latest news… a galaxy note 9 bursts into flames in a purse held by a woman in USA and her hand is also affected…heating issue…she complains as regards to the burst and started a lawsuit against the company…Samsung…

  7. Finally, someone who knows what they are talking about, concisely providing very helpful tips and tricks on a super powerful yet complex device. No time wasted on useless intro music or boring editing to inflate video length. Very well done. Thank you.

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