Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Unboxing! with a bonus unboxing of the Wireless Charger Duo. Subscribe for the review! This video was shot on the Galaxy Note 9 in 4K 30 fps!
Galaxy Note 9 Giveaway Details!

Got scammed buying a fake iPhone 9 model –

Jud’s Galaxy Note 9 video!

The Galaxy Note 9 features a revamped s-pen with bluetooth low energy, storage capacities up to 512GB, a 6.4″ display, Snapdragon 845 and…


  1. There is an app called "Share it" you can use it to share files without internet connection

  2. I can’t wait for mine, this video looks as good on my iPhone 7 as any other camera. Obviously I’d probably be able to tell a difference on my 4K tv but this is great

  3. Why does Samsung always insist on slapping that stupid sticker on the back of theirs phones with the imei#?????

  4. I am an Indonesian person precisely on the island of Java, I want to join the giveaway, can you please answer me

  5. If I buy the phone today will I still get the galaxy skin

  6. i am getting this phone too and i am 10 lmao, i want a phone so i can get a phone number nothing else😂😂

  7. For people who say Android camera is shit, look at that quality, shot on the note 9

  8. The difference in audio when he jumped to the front facing camera ahh why’s it do that

  9. Not sure about the exclusivity of fortnite to note 9, I’m playing it on note 8. Video great quality, makes me want to ditch note 8 for note 9. If I had $1,000 bucks !!!

  10. He looks like he's very uncomfortable when reviewing Samsung. If you don't like doing it just don't apple fan boy! Unsubbed…. 😀 For weird content!

  11. If you do that videos again, plz change the place… Bcz little bit uneasy bro..

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