The brand new Samsung Galaxy Note9 is here! Check out the updated design, along with a brand new S Pen. Pre-Order’s begin on August 10th, and the Galaxy Note 9 Release date is August 24th! Subscribe for more:
I also show off the Wireless Charger Duo along with the Galaxy Note 9 S-view flip cover! A lot more Note9 coverage coming soon.

Note 9 Hands On: soon
Note 9 S Pen: soon
Note 9 Gaming (and Fortnite): soon

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  1. Thanks for watching everyone! More Galaxy Note 9 coverage coming very soon – stay tuned 😀

  2. Let me tell you the difference between this note 9 and oukitel 10.
    Despite the fact that my k10 last for 3 days with 1 charge, when samsung go in the socket 3 times/day..
    Both phones do the same thing, but this note 9 is £899 while my oukitel k10 is £220 .
    But i tell you something, when samsung will make a phone capable to stay alive between charges for 3 days (72hours) on heavy usage, i will buy it for sure.

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