Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Unicorn Beetle Case Review

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  1. if your going to do a review at least connect the case properly all around it and remove the plastic wrap on screen. Could not even see what it looked like! Unbelievable!

  2. Next time take the plastic film off the case and that stupid music and next time you do an unboxing do one off the camera because you look like an ass when you can't put the case into the holster. 🤣🤣🤣

  3. How well does the unicorn beatle pro (the thickest version) do with magnet based car mounts?

  4. Nice video man ,I'm just getting mine goin, getting subs are alot harder than I thought, what kind of cam you shooting with?

  5. The problem I have been having with Otterbox defender is that the direct contact of the phone with the plastic part of the case. After multiple drops the hard plastic rub against the phone caused the phone to chip or rub the paint around the edges. Anybody having this problem? How is it with the Supcase Tough Armor?

  6. I'm not sure if you're wearing a microphone but I would appreciate if you can talk a little bit louder. Thank you for posting keep up the good work.

  7. Music is way too loud and your mic is too weak. I keep turning the volume down for the music then up to actually hear you. It's kinda annoying

  8. not wireless charging on the Beatle pro note 9 case and Im using the note 9 charger

  9. hey man i cant find the unicorn bettle holster case anywhere online. can you link please? thanks

  10. Why didn't you remove the plastic?? I'd like to see what it looks like in the last one without the plastic. Personally I don't like those with the protective fronts with the screen protectors as they always leave air pockets between the phone and screen, making screen response insufficient.

  11. will all these fit a whitestone dome? i noe the last one already has a screen protector, but it is removable. What do u think?

  12. You couldn't even snap the phone in the holster lmao , is the case that bad? When doing a review take your time go over stuff and try a drop test being it's a dummy phone.

  13. i scanned the QR code in the end. Your "tech" channel name really suits your style. Great choice.

  14. Why didn't you review the kickstand on the last case?How will it support the phone in both vertical and horizontal positions?

  15. Great effort but you need to eliminate the music or just talk much louder. Thanks for the review though but it was kinda irritation to try and understand you.

  16. Does the UB Pro hide the edges of the screen a little? Like would I still be able to use edge lighting?

  17. How did you get your hands on those cases already? Sahil from marketing at Supcase was supposed to send you a few cases to review myself but he's taking his sweet time…lol

  18. I can't understand why you didn't remove the plastic on that last case it's makes more since to show the full product when doing product reviews

  19. Hope you can improve to show the last case properly and louder voices.. its quite not satisfying for me.. anyway great introduction to these new cases for us

  20. Cool review. Personally, I like vertical holster better when I'm using one. I don't know why because most of them can turn, but having the release on the horizontal side just feels weird to me.

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