Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone X Camera Test! Taking these two phones head to head as I explore the camera quality, video quality, and interface of both.

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  1. Cant wait to see your Xs Max vs Note 9 Camera review! Good stuff as usual! ✊🏾

  2. Man!!! I love the whole zen vibe that the video had!
    N being a note 9 user, m really happy with the bunch of really cool options the phone has for me!

  3. this video was beautifully done & your calming voice complimented it very well,hope that doesn't sound creepy lool. thanks for helping me pick the note 9!

  4. The statue with the planes was in the original World Trade Center by a artist on the 93rd floor , the artist died on 9/11 and the art piece was recovered

  5. First of all, this is BY FAR the best camera comparison video out there. Great job! Honest, unbiased, and gave us the photos to decide ourselves. I appreciate your work =)

  6. First off I want to say great vid, for the most part you were pretty unbiased witch is rare to see, (everythingapplepro, IJustine, ect… very biased). In my opinion the note 9 won in every category besides front facing pics. video, pics, portrait… all better on the note9. Lastly every camera comparison between these to phones I've seen said the note 9 was more wider on the selfie cam.

  7. Iphone audio always horrible. Please wake up and fix audio issue. Then i will stay with iphone for good.

  8. OMG that was THE best comparison video I have seen on Youtube–thank you I have made up my mind I am going back to Samsung. Thank you!

  9. I have both phones and to me they make the perfect way to live because both have great qualities. You're right when you said that the combination of the camera and the screen make the Note 9 photos stand out.

  10. Loved the way you've compared both cameras. Especially liked that you don't say upfront which photo came from which camera. I was surprised to see thay the note 9 pictures grabbed my attention first. Subscribed ✌️

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