Samsung Galaxy Note II vs Apple iPhone 5 Smartphone Schmackdown by Wirefly

In this Smartphone Schmackdown review video, Wirefly’s Scott Lewis will compare the Samsung Galaxy Note II and the Apple iPhone 5. You might be surprised at how similar these two Smartphones are.

In Round 1 you will see the differences in design between the iPhone 5 and the Note II. Scott will show you the size difference between these two Smartphone heavy weights and you might be surprised with how similar they are in some design aspects.

In the Spec round, Round 2, you will see how…


  1. I've got a note 2. Should i sell it and buy an iPhone 5? The note is a great device but the plastic design isn't for me and I thought that I would get used to the size but after 6 months I still can't. Those are my main reasons for selling my device. Can somone advise me what to do? Preferably an iPhone 5 owner. Do you have any problems with your phone and how do you like it? Please respond. Thanks 🙂

  2. But if someone bought any for you you won't say anything and just accept and live with it and not complaints

  3. It's kind of funny that when reviewing a smartphone, there was no review of either as an actual phone, just the other features.

  4. here u go people the iphone 5 is like 1994 and the note 2 is like 2013 iphone do guys android do girls iphones fail androids don't …… there u have it

  5. um does anyone else think the iphone 5's 1080p video looked like 480p haha crap at least the photos are okay

  6. Actually no not at all, he is trying to not be biased towards Android if anything. Check the comments, he clearly doesn't like the iPhone.

    He's not a sheep evidently.

  7. Well Scott, they have to keep some things under their sleeves to try to save them at that moment that Samsung finally sinks them 🙂 it's like they are saving timeouts for the end of the game almost haha

    Either that or they really don't have the ability to innovate anymore 🙂 thank God for the clueless teeny boppers that keep them in business, we should all submit to their opinions and get iPhones so we can sit at the cool table!

  8. Honestly Anthony you won't lose anything and you will gain a TON! I was an Apple user for years and switched to GS3 and now Note 2. The iPhone isn't remotely comparable to these devices, honestly it's a joke man! Make the switch, you won't lose a single solitary thing but you will gain a TON!
    One thing really quick that I love about Note 2 is that you can write on the back of your pics! It is so nostalgic like old polaroids! Have a pic of your kid? Mark the date and place of where it was! Neat

  9. Your welcome PiercedPika,
    You will love the Note II if you get it. Good Luck!!!
    -Scott at Wirefly

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