Samsung Galaxy S10 Is The Best Phone


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  1. Won't wait for the note 10. The s10 plus is good enough for me. Idk what you need a note 10 for except the battery and s-pen

  2. Get hidey hole from the play store…some really amazing wallpapers for the S10 series.

  3. I’ve been rocking my iphone7 for a long time looking to upgrade to Samsung this was very helpful

  4. How good is the battery life compared to s10 plus? And the front potrait is same as s10 plus? Any idea u have

  5. The lightness of the phone makes it feel really cheap as compared to the iphone

  6. May 14th, 2019: "Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Is The Best Choice

    May 16th, 2019: "Samsung Galaxy S10 Is The Best Phone

    So One Berry….which one is actually true here? 😉

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