Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks for the millionth time (Alphabet City)

So many images of what appears to be the Galaxy S10 have arrived online. Looks like it’ll come in colors and be available by the end of the month. Meanwhile, Google decides to give up Fiber in Kentucky. All that, your comments and more in this episode of Alphabet City!

Watch last weeks episode: Galaxy S10e gets detailed

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  1. Oooooh power share. maybe my watch charging wirelessly from my phone dream will come true.

  2. Hey Iyaz
    Let me know bro
    Bro! Bro! Bro! Bro! Bro!

  3. I'm really interested in the S10+ however, I'm waiting to decide untill after I see more specs on the note 10 and the foldable X .

  4. You say the s10e is a budget version, who's budget? Definitely not mine, if I want a budget phone I go to the 200-300$ price range. This s10e will most likely have very similar specs if not almost exactly the same but dropping a couple of things. It's true that it may very well be affordable, but I wouldn't say it's a budget version lol. I don't understand what makes anyone think it's a budget version of anything when it most likely will have a very high price similar to the other versions.

  5. Does Samsung know that ppl are not going to buy a 2k phone ?

  6. I love the part of the video where you read every single one of the comments, you know cause you have such a small audience…
    Don't look at me like that, explaining jokes is tight!

  7. cnet is slowly dying away as a youtube channel. so sad actually. i liked them a few years ago :/

  8. It's weird how there have been so many leaks about the S10, but absolutely nothing about the foldable phone…huh…

  9. just an idea but you dnt think samsung is allowing all these leaks out on purpose!!!!
    Maybe to keep the focus off somthing more inovating…. well….its working….

  10. I'll buy the S10 when they make it with a screen that doesn't have a hole in it?!?!

  11. you guys recorded this from alphabet city? which avenue? a? b? c? d? or in the con ed power plant? lol (manhattan if no one understands)

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