Samsung Galaxy S10 – MEGA POWERHOUSE!

Samsung Galaxy S10 will be a powerhouse indeed! New Sensors announced, 5G, 12 GB RAM, Crazy Specs, Battery details & More.

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  1. I kinda feel bad for Apple but when I remember how cavalier they've become I say good riddance.

  2. Any word on graphene battery? I see a lot of conflicting news about it being in the S10

  3. so much clickbait. theres absolutely 0 cahnce of any of thos specs being real lol

  4. It's still doesn't make sense that it is just 93% while when you look at it and it feels like it's 97% screen.

  5. I dont like triple+ lens cameras, they are ugly. I hope they just make better the double or one camera like apple did with Xr.

  6. Again power house this, powerhouse that, all these specs, and then the performance is gonna be below a last gen iphone.

  7. Samsung's not what It used to be very slow with innovation high in $price and the device not built to last especially updates let's not forget the slow ur phone down deliberately and the bloatware Android experience sucks.

  8. I currently have the Samsung s8 plus and the OnePlus 6T. But I cannot wait for the s10. If it's going to be as rumored. I've been Samsung for life. But tried the one plus. But with 12Gb RAM and no notch that'd be crazy and I'd switch back

  9. Apple is gone copy paste their design soon lmao

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