Samsung Galaxy S10e Review: Why Not?

Galaxy S10e is a better deal than the S10. And a better deal than the XR. It’s a flagship disguised as “premium midrange”

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  1. I do have a very important question to ask you……Do you have to pay for that Baymax wallpaper or is it free?

  2. The hole punch camera on all s10 are quirky and fun. The wallpapers are genius and I bet Samsung wasn't expecting them.

  3. If specs say that the S10 and S10 + is the better phone, but the S10e is the better deal, which it is and people have said that, how could that be? Sure it's cheaper and smaller, which would be the selling point to these phones, but I bet you any money you like, that people are going to debate buying the S10e based on one particular thing. Battery life and the smaller battery. They could also debate getting it based on the removal of the ultrasonic fingerprint reader, and lack of cameras as well as other shortcomings, but the battery life is probably going to be their main gripe.

  4. Got the s10+ and realised for the 250$ less it's just a better deal all around. I pay cash for my phones so for me the 250 less is a big deal. I highly recommend it! Also been having the chance to use the LG G8! I have to say it's a major competitor at the price it's at. At 790$ it directly competes with the s10.

  5. It is so funny to watch all those American tech youtubers to review all kinds of tech product that none of them is not made in USA, and youtuber act like a super judge and in real life they know almost nothing about how to make a product. The only advantages they have is English and stupid Americans will buy anything youtuber recommend.

  6. Bought the galaxy s10 e I have the oneplus 6 and my impressions the op6 is more faster than the s10e . Honestly the only thing's better is the camera and size .

  7. Great video again!! This is making my decision super difficult ??
    I've been planning to get a new phone, a budget/mid range phone but it's been so hard to choose! I was totally about to get the OnePlus 6t and I watch your vids to get as much info as I can on all kinds of phones. But now this one, it certainly sounds good! But it is a bit more pricey… I'd say a high range but not premium or budget phone.

  8. The iPhone comparison. That was the xR on the table. Correct? I heard xs. Xs is a 5.8 As is the s10e. Yes. Or am I wrong ?

  9. I thought amoled screens are more foldable than LCD. So why the chin on all S10 are thicker than Huawei Mate 20's chin?

  10. "This type of fingerprint reader" – Only Sony, Nexbit and Razer come to mind with that design, but then again MKBHD rarely does Sony reviews. Sony pretty much screwed the US with the "it's a business decision" crap to disable fingerprint reader. Patent issues perhaps, but how can Samsung and others do it?

  11. Ill be getting my s10e by Monday the latest ordered mines about 5 hours ago getting free overnight shipping but i don't think they deliver on Saturday's i like that big 6 wallpaper is that wallpaper already a choice in the wallpaper section or do i have to pay for it ??

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