Samsung Galaxy S3 – Fix Freezing Samsung Logo / Fix Boot Loop


  1. can you provide me solution that , lines pictures on my phone screen,so that screen can't be noticeable clearly

  2. Is there a way to get all your contacts off the phone through a program instead of having to wipe it and delete everything ?

  3. Should I accept software update after new firmwire has been installed and phone is working?
    In my experince with factory reset the freezing issue reoccurs when dowloading the newest software update

  4. I get bootloop after flashing the stock rom can you help? I tried everything still bootloop :/ even installed cm tried different versions of firmware.. I can go to recovery mode though and Download mode too


  6. What should I do if: 1. after i press volume down and power the "press volume up to dowload mode" is only for one second, i press volume up but nothing happens 2. I press volume up, menu and power a blue writing "recovery booting" appears, but when i release power button nothing happens. It hangs on the boot loop.

  7. what to do when the phone doesn't go any where else  , but straight to recovery mode and stays stuck there, wipe data stays there. called the Samsung support and she told me to do what I already did, remove the battery, press the home,power and volume at the same time to take straight where the phone takes me with out pressing any thing anyways. Please help.

  8. can you help me? i cant find the firmware for galaxy s3 in the link you have given in the description?

  9. doesn't enter the recovery mode just the revovery mode appears n den back to galaxy s3 logo

  10. sir last question if you answer ill subscribe you with my 3 acc why cant odin see the zip file do i need tomake a new file so odin could see it?

  11. go to my chqnnel i havea video there i have twrp and install a custom rom then i reset it and when i reboot t it says no os installed! are you sure you wish to reboot? help

  12. i paid 50 $ to fix my phone .. & they did exactly as did in here … thanks a lot

  13. though i had installed usb driver for my s3, it do not connect to my laptop, plz how can i do?

  14. i tried your method and after i did factory reset and delete all data my phone started formating and after that the screen went black and now i can't do anything even start the phone with the stuck screen. do you have any tip or sugestion?

  15. Hi. Nice information, but why my phone is not appearing in Odin3?? I am using Samsung j7 and following every step. Can anyone tell me what reason can be?

    Thank you fellows.

  16. please help me , i did all the steps and odin says fail
    the recovery says can't mount
    what do i do ?

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